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We, microPrint LC GmbH, develop and produce machines and facilities that allows our customers to pad print their products. You will find a overview of our pad printing machines in our catalog .

What is pad printing?

Pad printing is a method that allows the printing of nearly all body shapes and materials, on almost any type of surface structure. The print images are minute recesses on a plate that is also called a “cliché”. During printing, ink is applied to the cliché where it flows into the recesses of the print image. An either ring-formed or straight edge, the “doctor blade”, removes all excessive ink. Only the ink in the recesses remains. The next step involves silicone pads after which this method received its name. The pad takes up the ink from the recesses and is then moved to the item that is to be printed. Here the pad transfers the ink to the object. Pad printing has the great advantage that the pad can be deformed during print transfer. Thereby also uneven objects can be printed. Further information can be found in our pad printing book.

2-color Printing with one pad example
2-color Printing
Object printed with pad printing
Object printed